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Tailoring the day to suit you

Haileybury Pangea students have the flexibility to combine a rigorous academic program with their external passions, ensuring they are able to maximise their learning journey.

Each subject has 2-3 live lessons per subject, per week (depending on year level), giving students the time required to continue studies at their own pace. Live lessons are compulsory, and students have access to online course material, tools and other resources to help make the most of their online time.

Sample student timetable‚Äč

Timetables are individual to the student.‚Äč

Class delivery

All classes are delivered over Microsoft Teams conducted by a Haileybury Pangea teacher, supported by our Learning Management System to manage content and self-paced coursework.

Each student has access to their courses and the online classes through their unique learning dashboard. This central platform lets them manage all aspects of their learning program and wider activities, and allows parents and guardians to remain involved with progress.