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Flexible learning environment offering full-time online school and VCE study pathways.

For intellectually passionate and self-motivated students looking to accelerate their learning.

A mix of live lessons and self-paced learning, with individual attention and small classes.


Haileybury Pangea

Haileybury Pangea adopts the successful approach of Haileybury and its 130-year legacy of educational excellence to provide an engaging, online learning environment that enables passionate and self-motivated students in Years 5-12 to accelerate their learning, wherever they may be located.

Haileybury Pangea is education structured to suit you. Choose to enrol as a full-time online school student or commit to specific subjects that further enhance your Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) and feed your particular passions and interests. The choice is yours.

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Welcome from our Head of Campus Joanna Baker

Meet Year 12 student and professional basketballer, Lily

Lily began playing basketball at the age of six and that was the start of a lifelong passion for the sport. As Lily progressed with her basketball career it became apparent that she needed a flexible schooling model to help her meet the needs of both obtaining her VCE and partaking in her elite basketball program.

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Why Haileybury Pangea?

The Haileybury Pangea Advantage

Nurturing academic success through a uniquely engaging way to learn.

  • Pangea Homepage Advantage Flex Learning
    Flexible learning

    Flexible learning

    Our online campus is purpose-designed and structured to ensure students can connect with others, join clubs, form friendships and feel supported in their academic studies. The typical weekly study routine consists of 2-3 live lessons and a number of hours of self-paced learning per subject, per week.
  • Pangea Homepage Advantage Personal Wellbeing
    Student wellbeing

    Student wellbeing

    Every student matters every day. We want each student to thrive in their online studies and feel connected. Our approach to wellbeing focuses on empowering students with skills and knowledge to manage their physical and emotional wellbeing.
  • Pangea Homepage Advantage Academic Success
    Academic success

    Academic success

    Haileybury Pangea builds on Haileybury's tradition of online education success with a proven combination of factors that deliver more than the sum of their parts; innovative teaching methods, brilliant teachers, individual attention and guidance, and a deep understanding of education.
  • Pangea Advantage VCE Curriculum
    World-class VCE

    World-class VCE

    Haileybury Pangea has a broad range of VCE subjects on offer. Students have a wide and appealing choice from English, Mathematics and the Sciences, to Commerce, Computing, Languages, Music and the Arts. The VCE is a globally recognised qualification allowing access to universities all over the world.
  • Pangea Advantage Brilliant Teachers
    Brilliant teachers

    Brilliant teachers

    Our brilliant teachers are chosen for their experience in quality education, their ability to nurture successful learning and their natural affiliation with students keen to expand their learning horizons.
Haileybury Pangea's first Head of House

Meet Natasha Eshuis

In her role as the first Head of House, Natasha Eshuis brings a wealth of Haileybury knowledge, plenty of teaching and leadership experience and a strong belief that you never stop learning, no matter your age.

“For each subject there is only one lesson per week with homework clearly laid out and I can contact teachers outside of class times if I have any queries. I can attend training sessions and interstate events because I can access my class from any location”
“I have found Haileybury Pangea very good, the teachers are supportive, and the timetable works out great for me. It allows me to train and compete in Australia and overseas”
“Because of gymnastics and the amount of hours that I do, Haileybury Pangea is very flexible around it and it makes it much easier to do both study and gymnastics”
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Years 5 - 12

Online school

Currently available to Australian students living in either Victoria or the Northern Territory. Benefit from the advantages of online learning and rigorous academic courses based on the Australian Curriculum, with VCE (Victorian Certificate of Education) and VET (Vocational Education and Training) accreditation.

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Pangea Homepage Aus Curriculum Reading

Australian Curriculum (Years 5 - 10)

Haileybury Pangea delivers the Australian Curriculum using the latest online learning technology so students have every opportunity to reach their goals and prepare themselves for the world’s top universities and beyond.

Clubs & activities

Learning development is more than just academic study: we offer a range of online clubs and a personal wellbeing program to help students stay connected and active beyond their classroom.

Flexible learning

Students attend 2-3 live lessons per subject per week with the addition of self-paced learning allowing for greater flexibility and time to pursue other interests or activities.


Choose from a range of VCE subjects and accelerate your learning based on your level of competency.

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Years 10 - 12



At a glance

Structure & delivery

Haileybury Pangea was born out of a long-standing digital strategy that has proven success in online learning. Classes integrate video, audio and digital whiteboards to engage and accelerate every student’s learning.

Educational success

Strong academic results are at the heart of our culture and national testing (NAPLAN) and VCE (ATAR) results consistently rate Haileybury as one of Australia's leading private schools.

Brilliant teachers

Our brilliant teachers are chosen for their qualifications and expertise in education, their ability to nurture successful learning in an online environment and their capability to form positive relationships with students keen to expand their learning horizons.

Opening global pathways

Haileybury Pangea students who successfully complete all requirements of the VCE or a VET course are awarded suitable qualifications, all of which are recognised in Australia and internationally.