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English is a vibrant and engaging course that is designed to prepare students for further study in both the Literature and mainstream English courses.


Students learn and practise mathematical skills and techniques to find solutions to standard problems, undertaking investigative projects and building their mathematical knowledge through unfamiliar and real-life situations.


Students develop an understanding of science across matter, energy, the physical world, the nature of life and human behaviour and how they can influence their own and others’ actions. Subjects include Physics, Chemistry and Biology and Psychology.


The Humanities allows students to make sense of today’s global village and inform them about events that have shaped today’s world. Key historical figures, periods and societies studied reveal how people’s lives have been shaped. Studies include Global Politics, Australian and Modern History.


Commerce develops skills and knowledge that provide many career pathways and enhance personal success. Studies offered include Accounting, Business Management, Economics and Legal Studies.

Computer Science

Computer Science provides students with the skills they need to adapt to our changing industries, markets and economies. Students are provided with practical opportunities to create digital solutions for real-world problems that can be transferred to a wide range of industries and environments.


The study of languages is a key element of a well-rounded education in our globalised society. In addition to demonstrating understanding of the content, students can also develop soft skills such as communication, initiative, problem solving, teamwork, planning and self-management.


Students develop skills in preparing programs of music as a member of a group, or as a soloist. This study is suited to students who have an interest in contemporary, classical, orchestral or voice repertoire. The subject also provides significant opportunity for those primarily interested in composition.

Health & Human Development

Health & Human Development examines the promotion of healthy living and the changes in health and development we experience throughout our lifespan, as well as understanding and promoting health.

Visual Arts

Through the theoretical components of the course, students analyse existing visual communications, examining how the design process has been used in Communication, Environmental and Industrial Design. Practical work provides opportunities to explore the design process first-hand.

Performing Arts

If you have a desire to create, make a statement, use your imagination, or understand who you are and how you relate to others, then Performing Arts is for you. High-profile public events will see you take the stage and embrace your inner performer.