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Applying to Haileybury Pangea

Please note that Haileybury Pangea is authorised to accept 2024 enrolments from students who are ordinarily residents of either Victoria or Northern Territory. A student is deemed to reside in a state or territory if their home address is in the state or territory.

Haileybury Pangea is a waitlisted, non-select entry school—the waitlist is ordered according to the date of application, with priority applied to siblings of current students of Haileybury Pangea and children of Old Haileyburians.

Enrolment application

To complete your application, please ensure you have the following available:

  • Copy of student’s birth certificate.
  • Copy of student’s passport and visa documentation (if not an Australian Citizen).
  • Copies of two most recent school reports (AEAS test for students who have been home educated).
  • Copy of most recent NAPLAN report.
  • Legal documents relating to the childcare and/or custody of the student (if applicable).

Enrolment criteria

Haileybury Pangea is an open-entry school providing multiple learning pathways for students from Years 5-12. Information regarding Haileybury Pangea’s enrolment process can be found in our Business Notice.

To finalise your application, you will need to provide a copy of your child’s birth certificate and visa information (for non-citizens and non-residents). Once the Application for Enrolment is completed, your child will be added to the waitlist for the selected learning pathway, preferred year level and year of enrolment. Students are unable to enrol in multiple learning pathways at the same time.

The Haileybury Pangea Admissions and Course Advisor will work with families on appropriate and available alternative learning pathways. Available positions are filled in accordance with policies guiding our waitlist management.

Some learning pathways will require testing and an interview which will be undertaken online. Additional subject testing may be required for some VCE subjects, and this information will be provided to the family throughout the enrolment process.

Haileybury Pangea requires that appropriate adult supervision is provided at home while the student is studying online. Parents/Guardians will need to complete an annual Duty of Care training module as a condition of enrolment.

Please note, there is a $260 fee for completing an Application for Enrolment.

Enrolment intake years

Haileybury Pangea is open to students in Years 5-12, who have a Victorian or Northern Territory residential address, or those who have temporarily relocated interstate or overseas.

Haileybury Pangea is accepting full-time and part-time program applications for commencement between the years 2024-2028. VCE single subject applications are currently accepted for 2024 for Victorian-based students.


Haileybury Pangea does not currently offer scholarships for students. Any information about future scholarships will be published on the Haileybury Pangea website when they become available.

Further Information

We invite you to contact Haileybury Pangea Admissions for further information or enquiries regarding Haileybury enrolment.


Phone: +61 3 9904 6115

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