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The Haileybury Pangea learning community has been designed from the ground up by our brilliant teachers working alongside international researchers in blended learning, and focuses on three pillars of student interaction:

  • With their teachers
  • With engaging and challenging course content
  • With each other.

This model ensures that every student develops self-regulation and self-efficiency in their studies while being supported by strong relationships with teachers and peers.

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Meet our Head of Teaching & Learning Middle School

Integrating technology for learning

Three core technology platforms support our learning community:

Microsoft Teams
Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft Teams

Our learning community is hosted on Teams so students have plenty of opportunities to interact and work safely and collaboratively during and in-between scheduled sessions.

Small class sizes ensure that students can form strong learning relationships across their classes, creating a supportive space to learn together.


Canvas is our central learning environment and is the home of high-quality learning experiences curated by our teachers. It contains self-paced content including interactive elements, videos and learning activities. Student progress is recorded each week to support them in developing healthy learning habits.

Microsoft OneNote

OneNote is our digital student notebook that helps students stay organised and allows their teachers to monitor learning closely.

Unlike a traditional notebook, it can contain more than just written work, providing students with more opportunities to engage with the content with annotations, audio and video.

Online classroom experience

Keen to see how a Haileybury Pangea online class runs?

Please complete the expression of interest form to be the first to know about our next online classroom experience where you will see firsthand how a classroom looks, sounds and feels.

This information session will run for approximately 45 minutes and covers the following topics:

  1. What online platform Haileybury Pangea will use
  2. How a lesson will be executed
  3. How a teacher will run a class
  4. How a student will interact with the teacher and other students – raise hand, answer questions, undertake work and other typical classroom activities

It’s the perfect way to experience our online classrooms and ask all the questions you might have!

Please note, this form is not a booking confirmation and we will contact you when dates are available.