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A time to learn, evolve and explore

Whether it’s Drama, Visual Arts, Entrepreneurship or Computer Science, Haileybury Pangea provides plenty of opportunities for students to discover subjects that ignite curiosity

NEWS 1 Sept 2023

This year, Haileybury Pangea students have ventured along a diverse range of learning pathways to challenge their existing knowledge and to learn new skills. Along the way, they’ve discovered interests and talents they never even knew they had.

In Computer Science, students created computer games involving escape rooms and ‘dark forests’ while Drama students created their own melodramatic characters, designed Shakespearian theatre sets and costumes, and delved into the mysterious art of Mime.

These subjects are all available as part of the Pangea Pathways program and, in line with Haileybury Pangea’s focused on self-paced learning, they can be completed during the term at a time that fits with each student’s commitments.

Geoff Orton, Digital Learning Leader and Coordinator of Digitech Explorers, says the Pathways courses encourage students to step away from their computers and they encourage collaboration and creativity.

“Each Pathway has clear learning outcomes but students decide when to complete that Pathway and how deep they want to go. If they love Computer Science they can dive down that rabbit hole and enrich their understanding of that subject,” says Geoff.

“For example, students begin with an introduction to visual programming and can then learn about coding languages and advanced game design.”

In Term One, Years 5, 6 and 7 took a Drama Pathway while Years 8 and 9 could choose Entrepreneurship or Computer Science. This term, two Art courses have been added to the mix. One is an introductory Visual Art course and the other develops skills in a chosen medium, such as sculpture or painting.

The Visual Arts Pathway begins with an introductory video giving an overview of what the subject will cover. It is designed to last about eight weeks and at the end, students produce a work of art.

“Activities that are part of the Visual Arts Pathway are going to an art gallery and then discussing what they see. We want students to leave their computer and to be out and about in their community”
Geoff Orton, Digital Learning Leader and Coordinator

“In Drama, students have to perform, create a set and costumes and they record that process. There is an introductory video and this year we studied melodrama or physical comedy. Students watched examples of Mr Bean and Charlie Chaplin and then had to do some melodramatic acting themselves and take photos. As they move through each program it becomes increasingly sophisticated.”

The range of Pathways courses continues to increase — Social Media will be the next addition. Students will create a social media campaign and develop their own brand, create a voice for their product or business idea and develop the collateral needed for a successful social media presence.

Visual Communication Design is also being introduced and students will learn how to use products such as Adobe, create their own visual assets and build a portfolio for assessment. PE will also be available in Term Four.

“All Pathways courses contain assessed and non-assessed items. There might be quizzes that are hurdle tasks to make sure students understand the knowledge they’ve gained,” says Geoff.

“Every course has a rubric at the end and the students’ work is marked by a subject expert. The aim of Pangea Pathways is to meet the Australian curriculum, to balance the experience of learning online with more active learning and to support students to follow their passions.”

What have the students done?

  • In Computer Science: Introduction to Visual Programming, Year 8 student, Cooper, made a text-based adventure game that response to play actions in a ‘dark forest’.
  • In Drama 1: Larger Than Life, Oliver (Year 5) created melodramatic characters including Rick O’Shay (The Hero), Bill Topay (The Villain) and Walter Mellon (The Clown).
  • In Drama 2: All the World’s a Stage, Lyra (Year 6) crafted her own Shakespearian costume that was fit for the stage of The Globe theatre. Vihaan (Year 6) designed a Romeo and Juliet set straight out of Verona!
  • In Drama 3: Unleashing your Inner Silent Performer, Shuayb (Year 7) and his peers tapped into their inner Charlie Chaplin as they explored the art of Mime.
  • Cate (Year 9) chose the Entrepreneurship 101 pathway and addressed the important issue of back pain, especially pain cause by working online. Her state-of-the-art prototype design helps distribute weight more evenly.