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Class of 2023 VCE results

Outstanding VCE results

NEWS 11 Dec 2023

What a year it has been! Only a year after Haileybury Pangea was launched in Victoria, we are celebrating the VCE successes of our inaugural Year 12 graduates.

The class of 2023 has successfully navigated online VCE studies and a demanding schedule outside of school – studying vocational courses, training at an elite level in various sports, volunteering in their local community and even performing opera!

The latest VCE results reveal that 23% of Haileybury Pangea’s Year 12 students attained an ATAR of 90 and above, placing them in the top 10% of students in Australia.

15% of students achieved an ATAR of 95 or above, which places them in the top 5% of students across the country. In addition, 69% of Year 12 students achieved VCE results that placed them in the top 40% of students in Australia.

Dux of Haileybury Pangea was awarded to Hannah Simos-Garner who achieved an outstanding ATAR of 96.05.

Pangea 2023 VCE Results Video Tile 1

Joanna Baker, Haileybury Pangea Head of Campus, says the VCE results are an achievement for the School’s first graduates, and they are also a milestone for the School.

“Our Year 12 graduates have been pioneers – it’s no small thing to take on a new learning model for your final year of schooling – and I am thrilled with these very first VCE results,” says Joanna.

“Each student at Haileybury Pangea has a unique story and it has been a privilege to share their journey as they have pursued academic goals while also following their passions and forging their own way in the world.

“Of course, these VCE results are not only due to each student’s hard work — the support of families is vital, as is the expertise and dedication of our brilliant Haileybury Pangea teachers.”

The first graduates include Yukai Cao who completed VCE English, Further Mathematics, Chinese, Psychology and a Cert II in Applied Fashion & Technology.

“Haileybury Pangea allowed me to seamlessly integrate my pursuits in fashion design without compromising on my core academic curriculum,” says Yukai, who plans to study Psychology next year.

“I chose my subjects based on curiosity and a love for exploring different creative areas. The flexibility of Haileybury Pangea also facilitated domestic and international travel and no early morning commutes translated into strategic rest days for self-care. Whether motivated in a library or in the comfort of home attending online lessons, Pangea’s flexibility was a great decision for me.”

Joanna has congratulated each of Haileybury Pangea’s VCE students.