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Five steps to setting up a space for online learning at home

Online learning at home can take a few adjustments. To help you get started, here are five tips for setting up your space.

NEWS 8 Dec 2023

Learning from home comes with a unique set of challenges that has the potential to create barriers for students, especially if they are new to it. Luckily, these can be easily overcome by creating a positive, healthy space for learning where curiosity can thrive.

To help you do that we have created a step-by-step guide to creating an online home learning environment where your child can thrive.

Designate a learning area

Having a dedicated space for study helps students switch into a state of mind that is conducive to learning when they enter it, reducing distraction. This can be an office, a desk in their room, or even the kitchen table.

The space does not need to be large, but it should include all the technology and literature they need for a day of learning, including laptops, textbooks and tablets along with anything else that may be required.

Remove distractions and declutter

Classrooms are set up to reduce distractions so that students can apply all their attention to learning. Your home learning environment should be the same.

The learning area should be free of anything that might grab their attention, including non-curriculum books, smart phones, games or toys. By keeping these out of sight in this designated area, distraction is far less likely.

Keep to a regular schedule

When learning from home it is important for students to keep to a regular schedule, wherever possible, including time for study and homework outside of class. Starting at a certain time and finishing at a certain time will help students embrace the routine.

It is equally important to schedule time for regular breaks to give developing minds and eyes a pause from screens and learning materials.

Use technology with care

Using technology when learning can unlock a world of knowledge and help students tap into their full potential. With that said, it is important that the power of the internet and technology is harnessed in a positive, safe way.

However your child is learning, they should do so in a controlled environment that is designed to empower their learning experience, like Haileybury Pangea’s online community. Our school uses a unique combination of Canvas, our central learning environment, Microsoft Teams and Microsoft One Note to enable real time feedback, engagement and collaboration.

Communicate regularly

Communicating regularly with your child or teenager can help ensure that all family members know what is expected and that you can support healthy learning habits. It is a great idea to have a quick chat about school each day, and a longer conversation every week or two. This not only encourages open communication, it shows you care.

Haileybury Pangea is a supportive, interactive online learning community, where students form strong learning relationships with teachers and fellow students. Their progress is recorded each week in Canvas to help support them in developing healthy lifelong learning habits. When combined with a supportive home and a well-designed learning space, the Haileybury learning platform can help unlock your child’s full potential.