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Flexible learning for different students with different lifestyles

Haileybury Pangea students are determined to learn while pursuing their passions and developing talents outside the classroom

NEWS 28 Nov 2023

The students who are part of Haileybury Pangea perhaps make up one of the most diverse cohorts to be found in any school across the country.

Elite gymnasts, basketballers, cricketers, champion rowers and snowboarders, students with talents in the world of Performing Arts, and independent learners with a clear career path already mapped out — Haileybury Pangea meets the learning needs and interests of a broad range of young people.

Providing a flexible education to suit every student’s needs, no matter where they live and no matter what their interest and lifestyle, is central to how the school operates and it ensures young people can achieve their goals.

One of the first cohort of Haileybury Pangea graduates, Lily (OH 2023), began playing basketball at the age of six and reached the Victorian Junior Basketball League – the highest-level junior competition in the state. That level of achievement takes dedication as well as six days a week of on court training and strength and conditioning training.

Next year Lily will move from Melbourne to Indianapolis where she is joining the women’s basketball program at Butler University as part of a four-year scholarship. She says Haileybury Pangea was a ‘perfect fit’ as it allowed her to graduate and pursue a university opportunity through her sport.

Her studies at Haileybury Pangea helped budding zoologist, Tiarni, secure a work experience placement at the Australia Zoo on the Sunshine Coast. Tiarni learned about what it takes to run Australia Zoo behind the scenes and how the animals are cared for.

“The way Haileybury Pangea is structured has allowed me to pursue my love of animals. I’ve been able to do a leadership program at Zoos Victoria and a farm guardianship program in the Dandenongs. Now I’ll also be able to volunteer at the RSPCA – all while completing my studies and work around my classes,” says Tiarni.

“Haileybury Pangea teachers have all been extremely supportive. They’ve all worked with me at times when I needed to rearrange my schedules due to work experience commitments and leadership program.”

“I have a few favourite subjects, but I think my absolute highlight has been Science. I want to pursue my career in the world of Science and Biology and my aim would be to be successful in Zoology, wildlife behaviour and Conservation and I fully believe that Haileybury Pangea will be the best path to get me there. By being able to follow my passion and gain as much experience in the field I love, I think this will continue to open up opportunities I would not have had through other schools.”

The adaptability of an online education has also enabled Grace to continue her elite gymnastics training. Grace trains twice a day, five days a week and studying online gives her the time and space to fulfil her strict training regime.

“I’ve been doing gymnastics since I was about two-and-a-half and it started as a hobby but now I train five days a week. I wake at about 5.30am, have breakfast, go to the gym and train for a few hours and then come home and start school for the day until 2.55pm. I then go to gym again for a few more hours, come home have dinner, shower and go to bed,” says Grace.

“Haileybury Pangea is very flexible and it makes it easier for me to study and do gymnastics. I’m proud to be a founding member of the school and I want to be one of the first students to go from Year 5 to Year 12.”


Hear from Grace

“At Haileybury Pangea, our diversity is our strength,” says Head of Campus, Joanna Baker.

“Students each have their own reasons for joining Haileybury Pangea and they bring their own perspectives that enrich our academic community. Beyond geographical diversity, our students are passionate individuals with interests outside the classroom ranging from arts and sports to technology and community service.”

Joanna says Haileybury Pangea’s personalised approach ensures teaching and learning meet the needs of each student, no matter what their interests and pursuits beyond the classroom and the demands those pursuits make on their time.

“Flexibility is at the core of our educational model and, for 2024, we are exploring additional avenues to enhance that flexibility, including our part time VCE pathway which allows students to study their VCE program over multiple years,” says Joanna.

“As we grow are also able to offer more timetable flexibility and we have expanded our subject offerings for 2024. Our goal is to ensure students have the flexibility to pursue their academic and personal goals in a way that suits their individual needs and aspirations.”
Joanna Baker, Head of Campus

Students from outside Haileybury can also experience Haileybury Pangea by studying single subjects online. Currently, single subject students are completing Specialist Maths, Latin, Maths Methods, Business Management, Health & Human Development and Psychology.

There are also opportunities to study with Haileybury Pangea through the Summer Skill Builder Program. The week-long program offers intensive Literacy and Numeracy learning for students from Years 3 to 8 – all delivered via the secure online platform. Small class sizes ensure every child learns at their own pace and can ask questions when they need more support. The classes are developed by Haileybury teachers in line with the Australian curriculum.

“The Summer Skill Builder program offers students a valuable opportunity to sharpen core literacy and numeracy skills. It serves as a bridge to the upcoming academic year, allowing students to get a head start on their studies and build a solid foundation for success,” explains Joanna.

“Additionally, it provides a taste of the supportive and dynamic learning environment at Haileybury Pangea, making it an excellent introduction for those considering transitioning to our school.”