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Performing on the Digital Stage

The Arts are stepping into the spotlight at Haileybury Pangea

NEWS 1 Mar 2024

Music, Dance and Drama are not off limits for students who choose to study online. Thanks to an innovative curriculum, the wonders of technology, and creative teachers who know how to bring lessons to life through a computer screen, Haileybury Pangea students are busy exploring their artistic talents on the digital stage.

“Haileybury has a long and colourful history with the Arts and the school has produced some talented performers and artists. It’s only natural for the Arts to be an important part of Haileybury Pangea, too”
Joanna Baker, Head of Campus

“With many of our students pursuing Music, Dance and Drama, we are exploring opportunities for students to perform and, as we grow, we also hope to form virtual music ensembles. Last year one of our Senior School students travelled to Melbourne to perform at our Year 12 Graduation, and we love to showcase our students’ talents through our virtual assemblies," says Joanna.

In Year 11, Abby is not only hitting the books to ensure she gets her best possible VCE results, she is hitting the high notes as one of Haileybury Pangea’s star musicians.

Abby is studying VCE Music Repertoire Performance Units 3 and 4 this year. As a talented violinist, studying online has given Abby the extra time she needs to continue to build her impressive performance skills and eventually fulfill her dream of becoming a professional musician.

“I started playing the violin when I was six and studying at Pangea has allowed me to practice more, and I have greater flexibility in arranging music lessons. This has furthered my abilities as a musician in a way that wasn’t possible when I was attending school in person”
Abby (Year 11)

Alongside her passion for Music, Abby is also studying English, Psychology, Sociology, General Maths and Physics. She says not only does Haileybury Pangea give her much-needed flexibility to fine tune her violin skills, she is also mastering the art of juggling her time, and has developed greater self-discipline when it comes to studying.

“Studying online compels me to critically think about how I use my time and I’ve developed more self-discipline in meeting deadlines and goals,” she says.

“I also think vulnerability, such as asking questions and being open to new ideas, is an important aspect of learning, and having the courage and willingness to be vulnerable, especially during live lessons, is also important.”


The Arts at Haileybury Pangea

Join us as we 'drop in' to a VCE Music online class with Abby

In Years 5 to 9, Arts students at Haileybury Pangea follow Pathways courses in Art, Music and Drama and explore different concepts and skills at their own pace. They can then choose to continue studying Visual Communication & Design, Media and Music at VCE.

Drama is a self-directed course with students working through a set of lessons and recording their progress in a workbook using photos, sketches, text and film. Year 5 Drama students are currently studying melodrama, Year 6 students are looking at Shakespeare and Year 7 students are exploring mime.

“The melodrama course introduces students to stock characters, making sound effects and the ways in which expressive skills are used to show these archetypes. Students finish the unit by creating a short performance which they film and upload,” explains Jane Marshall, Head of Co-Curricular Drama.

“The Shakespeare course introduces students to the world of the Bard! They explore the language and we discover how many words or phrases we use today that originated from the Shakespearean era. Students also experiment with costuming and set design and finish with presenting a monologue which is filmed for assessment.

“The Drama courses have been adapted from our on-campus courses and still allow students to be involved in many creative tasks. The emphasis is on encouraging students to be active participants through skill development activities and classes that encourage imaginative work. Many of the activities require students to be on their feet, experimenting with their expressive skills and developing confidence as they perform.”

Adding to the creative options available within Haileybury Pangea, a group of artistic students in Years 5 to 7 recently joined forces to design and launch The Pangean. The monthly online magazine is created by and for Pangea students and features interviews, stories, puzzles, jokes, drawings and tips for making the most of online study.

The Pangean enables students to share experiences and to connect, and the magazine production team can hone their writing, editing, design and publishing skills.

“We’re excited to continue to expand these offerings in the future,” says Joanna.

“Our students have access to cutting-edge software and virtual tools that enable them to produce brilliant creative work in a wide array of mediums. Recently, we launched individual online music tuition for Pangea students, too, so they can pursue their passion and build their musical skills no matter where they are located.

“We love hearing about the creative pursuits that our students are involved in, within and beyond the school”
Joanna Baker, Head of Campus