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What are our student leaders planning for 2024?

There are plenty of ways for students to develop their leadership skills online. This month, we talk to our inaugural Year 12 Captains about what is in store this year

NEWS 30 Jan 2024

The new school year is bringing new opportunities for Haileybury Pangea students to take the lead, voice their ideas and put some of those ideas into practice.

At the end of 2023, the campus elected the inaugural Year 12 Captains for 2024, Sean and Madeline, who will play an important role in leading the student culture of Haileybury Pangea.

“Students in all year levels will also have the opportunity to nominate as year level representatives and they will work closely with our pastoral team and Year 12 Captains to lead community initiatives and campus activities,” says Joanna Baker, Head of Campus.

“As a new campus with a unique model of learning, our Haileybury Pangea student leaders also have an important role to play in feeding back to us about the student experience. This continuous dialogue helps us shape Pangea to deliver the best possible experience.

“We can’t wait to see how our student leaders help our school to grow in 2024!”

We asked our Inaugural School Captains to share their ideas and plans for Haileybury Pangea in 2024.

Meet Sean

“I’m excited to represent a school as prestigious as Haileybury. The new online learning model is an opportunity to restructure education as we know it and I’m pleased to be at the forefront of this innovation in learning.

As a School Captain, my roles and responsibilities will include helping to lead assemblies and school gatherings and to be an approachable person that anyone can ask for help. With the other leaders of the school, I’ll be a face of Pangea. I want to ensure that all students feel engaged and encouraged, so my aim is to help students make friends, support student-led clubs and take part in sport.

To me, being a good captain means having an impact on students at Pangea. I hope to build a strong school community and I’d love to help other students with any challenges they encounter.

I enjoy studying at Haileybury Pangea as it allows me to have a flexible schedule so I can fit in rowing training and activities I wouldn’t be able to do at a regular school. This year I’m studying Economics, Business Management, English and Media. When I graduate my goals are to continue rowing and to study finance or entrepreneurship at university.”

Meet Madeline

“I feel really pleased to take on the position as a Year 12 Captain. I’ll help lead and represent the Haileybury Pangea campus, meet regularly with our Head of House, Natasha Eshuis, and contribute to school events, like our fortnightly assemblies.

I want to achieve a sense of community between Haileybury Pangea classmates. It’s not necessarily easy learning online and it can be harder to build friendships and to connect over video — there can be awkward moments. If I can help each of us get to know each other, I think those awkward silences could happen less and instead they could be filled with laughter and conversation. I want all students to feel seen and heard.

I have chronic fatigue syndrome which has impaired my ability to complete school. Previously I could only get to school for one class per week because my fatigue and brain fog were too overwhelming. Haileybury Pangea means I can do most of my work at a time that suits me. I’ve been able to keep up with my schoolwork and I’ve realised a goal I never thought possible — becoming a Year 12 Captain.

This year I’m studying English, Maths Methods and General Mathematics. I’d like to do a degree in Commerce, majoring in Accounting and Finance, and start my own business one day.”