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What to look for in a great online school

Considering an online school for your child’s education? The online learning landscape has grown significantly in recent years, bringing with it more choice and opportunity for learning without needing to be part of a physical school campus.

NEWS 2 May 2024

As schools like Haileybury Pangea continue to transform what’s possible from online education, it’s worthwhile knowing exactly what makes for a better experience. From the balance of structure and flexibility to encourage self-motivated learning, to the technology used for seamless school time – through to the clubs and community that encourage connection and social development.

Here are some of the key things you should keep in mind when considering if online education is the right choice for your child.

Flexible Learning

One of the key strengths of an online school is the flexibility it provides students – especially those that are self-motivated, passionate and inspired to learn. Haileybury Pangea recognises the benefits of flexible online learning, with students attending 2 or 3 live lessons per subject each week. From here, they’re given the freedom to essentially build their own learning program – with 4-6 hours of self-paced lesson time per subject, each week, which can be done when and how is most beneficial.

Leading technology

Online schools should ideally be using the latest technology to keep students focused, self-motivated, supported and connected. Haileybury Pangea’s classes combine video, audio and digital whiteboards in ways that accelerate blended learning and connect to our three pillars of student interaction – with teachers, with engaging course content and with each other.

Academic Success

With the right learning environment, passionate students who are part of an online school community can reach outstanding levels of academic success. Haileybury Pangea continues the successful academic approach of the broader Haileybury school community and its 130-year legacy of educational excellence – offering students a chance to complete their Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE), as well as studying individual VCE and Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses.

Brilliant teachers

At the heart of any outstanding online school experience are the passionate teachers, on-hand to bring out the very best of a student’s learning in this particular environment. Haileybury Pangea’s brilliant teachers are responsible for delivering a rigorous education program with plenty of support and guidance – as well as being available for direct access by both you and your child.

Clubs and community

A great online school should lay the foundation for a thriving school community in its own right. Haileybury Pangea offers a range of online clubs and activities to help students stay connected, explore new interests and widen their friendship circle – while the Haileybury Pangea Parents and Friends group, for example, offers support and social opportunities for our families from enrolment to graduation and beyond.

Student wellbeing

Providing ways to support and nurture a student’s personal growth and wellbeing is an essential aspect of a great online school. Guided by our mantra of ‘every student matters every day’, Haileybury Pangea has established a comprehensive, award-winning Student Wellbeing program – that includes regular timetabled pastoral care sessions with Tutors to discuss topics like respect and online safety, a Careers Counsellor, access to a registered Psychologist and more.

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