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Software Development 3&4 *subject to availability

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Tue Nguyen Applied Computing 12
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Software Development provides students with the opportunity to solve problems through the creation of apps using a programming language. Students work on a real-world project and build an app that solves a problem. Students develop skills in computational thinking and using a programming language to create algorithms that perform a specific task. These skills prepare students for further study in software engineering and allow them to create digital solutions such as business apps, websites and games.

Unit focus areas

Software Development Unit 3 - Programming practice, analysis and design

Software Development Unit 4 - Development, evaluation and cybersecurity

*subject to availability


Students undertaking Units 3 and 4 Software Development need to have successfully completed Units 1 and 2 Applied Computing and have experience with Python.


For Units 3 and 4, students complete School-Assessed Coursework (20%) subject to external moderation, a School-Assessed Task (30%) subject to external moderation, and an end-of-year examination (50%).

Enrolments and assessments

Some important information regarding enrolments and assessments.

Using the Victorian Assessment Software System (VASS), a student is enroled in each of their subjects with both (a) a home school and (b) an assessing school. For more information about enrolments and assessments and what needs to be completed please click the button below to read further information

Integrating technology for learning

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