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Haileybury Pangea is an inspiring online learning community in which intellectually passionate students benefit from individual attention and brilliant teaching. Class sizes are strictly limited and encompass students at a similar stage of learning.

Our bespoke delivery model leverages the advantages of online learning to deliver rigorous academic programs based on the Australian Curriculum and Australian (VCE) accreditation, with access to a wide range of post-secondary pathways in Australia and globally.

Haileybury Pangea

Limitless learning

An online education that aligns with your needs.

Full-time program or individual subject enrolment options (complement your studies and passions and make it count towards your VCE).

Outstanding courses from an award-winning Australian school.

Small classes, lead by brilliant teachers.

The Haileybury Pangea learning community has been designed from the ground up by our brilliant teachers working alongside international researchers in blended learning, and focuses on three pillars of student interaction:

  • With their teachers
  • With engaging and challenging course content
  • With each other.

This model ensures that every student develops self-regulation and self-efficiency in their studies while being supported by strong relationships with teachers and peers.

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Haileybury Pangea

Integrating technology for learning

Three core technology platforms support our learning community:

Microsoft Teams
Microsoft OneNote
Computer specifications

Microsoft Teams

Our learning community is hosted on Teams so students have plenty of opportunities to interact and work safely and collaboratively during and in-between scheduled sessions.

Small class sizes ensure that students can form strong learning relationships across their classes, creating a supportive space to learn together.


Canvas is our central learning environment and is the home of high-quality learning experiences curated by our teachers. It contains self-paced content including interactive elements, videos and learning activities. Student progress is recorded each week to support them in developing healthy learning habits.

Microsoft OneNote

OneNote is our digital student notebook that helps students stay organised and allows their teachers to monitor learning closely.

Unlike a traditional notebook, it can contain more than just written work, providing students with more opportunities to engage with the content with annotations, audio and video.

Computer specifications

Equipment and accessories Computer minimum specifications

The home school:

• Laptop (MS Windows or Mac)

• External monitors (highly recommended)

• USB/USB C wired headsets

• USB web cameras (optional)

• Keyboard and mouse

• Laptop stand (optional)

• Access to a secondary device (mobile phone, iPad or computer with webcam) to support academic testing

Internet requirements

The minimum Internet connection speed to undertake a Haileybury Pangea learning pathway is as follows:

• 25Mbps for a single user

• 50Mbps for 2-3 users

• 75Mbps for 4-5 users

Computer minimum specifications

Processor: Intel Core i5 minimum

Screen: 13.3” diagonal, FHD (1920 x 1080), touch enabled


Memory: 16GB (DDR4) minimum

Hard Drive: 256GB SSD

Networking: Wi-Fi 6 (2x2)

Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0

End Point Protection: Must have an antivirus/anti-malware/anti-ransomware software protection for the duration of the device being used for Haileybury Pangea’s coursework

Webcam: 1080p HD webcam minimum

Connectivity: 2 x Thunderbolt 4 with USB4 Type-C, 2 x Super speed USB Type-A. 1 x HDMI 2.0 input

Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64 or latest version of Mac OS

Stylus: Recommended

Frequently Asked Questions

How do students communicate in an online classroom?

How do students communicate in an online classroom?

Haileybury Pangea online classes are fully interactive using the latest technology. If a student requires further assistance, time can be set up to meet with their teacher to offer further support.