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Excel in your learning and your sporting career

The demands of training, travelling and competing can be tough — but it is possible to excel in your studies alongside your sporting career as well. Haileybury Pangea offers a personalised approach to all students in Years 5-12, so you can have more choice over when, where and how you learn.

Meet Lily, a Haileybury Pangea student who recently graduated from Year 12. Lily began playing basketball at the age of six and that was the start of a lifelong passion for the sport. As Lily progressed with her basketball career it became apparent that she needed a flexible schooling model to help her meet the needs of both obtaining her VCE and partaking in her elite basketball program.

“For each subject there is only one lesson per week with homework clearly laid out and I can contact teachers outside of class times if I have any queries. I can attend training sessions and interstate events because I can access my class from any location.”
Lily, Haileybury Pangea student

Lily attended a local Secondary School with a condensed timetable that she rounded out by studying a VCE single subject via Haileybury Pangea. Studying single subjects at Haileybury Pangea allowed Lily to continue her high-quality education without sacrificing her sport.

Flexibility in your VCE

There are three ways you can choose to study your VCE at Haileybury Pangea, whether that’s full-time, part-time, or by completing single subjects — if that aligns more seamlessly with your sporting schedule. No matter which path you choose, you will receive real-time feedback from Haileybury Pangea’s brilliant teachers at every step, who specialise in online learning and are always on hand to help you thrive in your unique learning journey.

Year 5 Student

Meet Grace, a bright young gymnast, who has been competing since the age of two. Grace and her family made the decision to move to Haileybury Pangea as a full-time student so Grace could maintain her focus on her gymnastics while still completing her schooling.

The mix of live lessons and self-paced study allows Grace to plan her daily gym schedule around classes. Grace is very proud to be one of the founding members of Haileybury Pangea and hopes to be one of the first students to complete their full Years 5-12 schooling online.

“Because of gymnastics and the amount of hours that I do, Haileybury Pangea is very flexible around it and it makes it much easier to do both study and gymnastics.”
Grace, Haileybury Pangea student

Hear from Haileybury Coach, Matthew Lloyd

Meet Matthew Lloyd, an ex-AFL footballer and current Haileybury coach. When Matthew was first drafted to the AFL, he was in Year 11 and had a challenging experience trying to balance a successful AFL career along with his academic studies.

The demands of training, competing and travelling as a high performance athlete can be tough especially while trying to balance academic studies also. Haileybury Pangea offers the opportunity for highly motivated students to excel at both their education as well as their sporting career.

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Meet ex-AFL footballer, Matthew Lloyd

Supporting our high performing athletes

Haileybury Pangea develops individual student pathways for all our athletes by building on their particular strengths and interests in an online setting that is both safe and connected to a larger community. To guide this, we have in place an award-winning Student Wellbeing program that underpins a student’s entire learning journey.

For athletes balancing rigorous training with education, our platform delivers support for their holistic growth. Our commitment extends to empowering these students to excel academically while nurturing physical and emotional wellbeing, ensuring they thrive both on and off the field.

This program offers a safe and supportive environment where students can ask questions and be actively involved in discussions around all topics relating to one’s wellbeing. It aims to build their emotional intelligence, develop their social skills and acquire an understanding of the society and world they live in. The importance of resilience and how to manage one’s ability to move through challenging times and grow from experiences is embedded within the program and extends throughout the broader Wellbeing Program.

Watch a recording of our recent high performing student athletes webinar

At Haileybury Pangea, we understand the exceptional dedication and commitment it takes to thrive in the world of sports while also excelling in academic endeavors, particularly your VCE studies.

This webinar was tailored for athletes, highlighting how Haileybury Pangea can be instrumental in achieving excellence in both sports and VCE studies.

Throughout this recording, you will discover firsthand how our unique approach can support and complement your journey in sports, providing a robust foundation for academic achievement in the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE).

We explore the personalised support, adaptable schedules, and comprehensive programs to align your passion for sports with your educational aspirations, ensuring that neither your athletic dreams nor academic goals are sidelined.

Hear from Head Coach, Melissa Barbieri

Our brilliant teachers deliver world-class academics based on the Australian curriculum and Australian VCE accreditation, so that students can access an extraordinary range of post-secondary pathways and accelerate their VCE learning. This academic program is delivered through an engaging mix of the latest technology — and is complemented by a social and wellbeing program that encourages students to form friendships and connections, fulfil their potential and grow personally as well as academically.

By choosing to take your education online through Haileybury Pangea, you will be giving yourself a world-class headstart in your post-sport career as well. Successfully juggling training and competing with learning and growing — so you feel like a winner on and off the field of play, with the academic success to prove it, too.

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Meet Haileybury Head Coach - Soccer (Girls), Melissa Barbieri

Year 9 student

Meet professional Snowboarder, Milo

Milo transitioned to Haileybury Pangea as a full-time student at the start of 2023 from Haileybury’s Brighton campus, so he could better balance his snowboarding commitments and studies. Having started snowboarding at the age of eight, Milo has been a familiar face on the Australian, New Zealand and USA slopes.

By studying online at Haileybury Pangea, Milo is able to maintain his 30-35 hours a week of training during the snow seasons as well as travelling to compete in competitions around the globe. Through the School’s flexible timetable, Milo can stay up to date with his classes and complete his self-paced study in the evenings.

Milo pangea student

“I have found Haileybury Pangea very good, the teachers are supportive, and the timetable works out great for me. It allows me to train and compete in Australia and overseas.”
Milo, Haileybury Pangea student

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