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Haileybury Launches First Private Online School

NEWS 17 Aug 2022

Victoria’s first private online school, Haileybury Pangea, will welcome its first students in 2023. The school is now taking enrolments after receiving approval from the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (the VRQA).

Launched today, Wednesday, 17 August, the school becomes the fifth Haileybury campus in Victoria and builds on Haileybury’s 130 years of tradition, history, experience and entrepreneurship.

Haileybury Pangea has been inundated with inquiries from interested students across Victoria, including those living on regional farming properties, elite young athletes and performers, and high-achieving students who prefer to study at home.

“Options for education and access to Haileybury’s brilliant teachers should not be geographically restricted.”
Haileybury CEO | Principal, Mr Derek Scott

“There are many students and families who are seeking choice in how they learn because of where they happen to live or because of things they do outside school – they may be part of an elite program and struggle to juggle school with those commitments, for example.

“Haileybury Pangea removes geographical barriers and offers flexibility for students, families and teachers while providing an education that meets the very high standards our school is renowned for.”

Haileybury Pangea, part of the award-winning private school, Haileybury, has been under development for several years – since before the onset of the pandemic.

While COVID-19 led to enforced online learning for all students in Victoria, Haileybury Pangea focuses on online learning as a choice and provides students and their families with an alternate pathway to a high-quality education.

“The move to remote learning due to the pandemic didn’t suit everyone and we are not saying that online learning suits every child—but there are students that Haileybury Pangea will absolutely suit,” says Mr Scott.

Haileybury Pangea has had enrolment inquiries from parents of high-performing athletes who, until now, have struggled to meet their sporting requirements alongside the demands of school.

Haileybury Pangea is available for students from Years 5 to 12 with learning delivered online in classes of approximately ten students. The typical school week includes a bespoke blend of live instruction, prepared video content, assessment tasks and one-on-one or small group-based time with subject teachers.

Self-paced learning is a fundamental component of the curriculum, supported by an extensive suite of online resources.

Students can enrol in the full school curriculum, or undertake single subjects and choose from one of 23 VCE subjects. Camps and sport are not part of the core program at Haileybury Pangea and the $18K pa fee reflects this. However, additional on-campus opportunities will be offered, like summer school skill-building programs and graduation.

Mr Scott says Haileybury Pangea uses a ‘stage not age’ approach based on entrance testing.

“For example, if a young person in Year 7 is particularly strong in mathematics, they may instead join a Year 9 Maths class,” he says.

Specific technology and software have been developed to ensure efficient delivery of learning, and to safeguard and monitor the security and confidentiality of students online. Students must sign an acceptable use policy and agree to appropriate behaviour.

Student wellbeing
is an integral part of the Haileybury Pangea model. Parents or guardians must complete a home learning environment checklist and a duty of care module confirming they understand their duty of care to be at home and able to supervise their student at all times.

A team of school psychologists and individual needs advisors are also available to support student wellbeing.

“Haileybury Pangea leverages the history and success of our school and reflects Haileybury’s focus on continuing to learn and be better. Haileybury thrives on changing the way in which we think about education for the good of every student.”

About Haileybury

Haileybury is an award-winning private school with five campuses in Victoria and schools in Darwin and education programs in China, Vietnam, Timor Leste and The Philippines. Haileybury’s vision is to be a great world school and it has won multiple awards including Australian School of the Year (2018), Primary School of the Year – Non-government (2022, 2021, 2020, 2018), Principal of the Year (2019), Best Student Wellbeing Program (2021), Best Remote Learning Program (2021) and Boarding School of the Year (Haileybury Rendall School, Darwin 2022). In the Senior School, Haileybury expects 50% of its students to place in the top 10% for academic performance in Australia and 75% place in the top 20%. Haileybury is one of the most entrepreneurial schools in Australia and Haileybury Pangea is the latest example of this entrepreneurial spirit.

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