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Why our flexible learning model is perfect for high performing athletes

Being at school from 8.00 am – 3.30 pm every weekday does not work for all students, especially aspiring high performing athletes. If your child has commitments that make adhering to a normal school schedule difficult, flexible online learning could be the perfect solution.

NEWS 3 Apr 2024

Haileybury Pangea is Australia’s leading online private school, and our learning model is designed to suit students who need flexibility. Find out why it could be perfect for your child.

Learn at your own pace, in your own way

If your child needs to travel, train or compete to keep up with their commitments, it can be near impossible to stick to a regular school schedule. That is why Haileybury Pangea offers students the chance to shape their educational journey in a way that suits their own individual needs. This includes:

  • 2–3 live lessons per subject, per week. These are fully interactive, taught by our brilliant teachers, with small class sizes.
  • 4–6 hours of self-paced lesson time per subject, per week. This is fully flexible and can be done at any time with the help of Haileybury Pangea’s advanced learning technology.
  • One-on-one access to teachers as needed. This can be particularly useful for students who have missed live lessons due to commitments.
  • Pathways to world leading universities via a high-quality education.
By studying online at Haileybury Pangea, Milo (Year 9) is able to maintain his 30-35 hours a week of training during the snow seasons as well as travelling to compete in competitions around the globe.

Enrolment is available on a full-time basis or for individual courses (at VCE level) and students are placed according to proficiency, not their age. Learning is completed online, but in-person events are hosted for those who can attend.

Older students can complete their VCE study any way that suits them including full-time, part-time, by studying single subjects or by following the Northern Hemisphere Timetable if that suits their schedules.

Haileybury Pangea offers over 20 VCE subjects — click here to find out more about our VCE pathways.

The tools to balance school and life commitments

At Haileybury Pangea we understand the extraordinary commitment required to manage a career in sport while also excelling at school. One of our students, Grace (Year 6), has competed in gymnastics since the age of two but says her study at Haileybury Pangea gives her the best of both worlds:

Elite gymnast and Haileybury Pangea student, Grace (Year 6)
“Because of gymnastics and the number of hours that I do, Haileybury Pangea is very flexible around it, which makes it much easier to do both study and gymnastics”

To support these students, Haileybury Pangea offers a range of resources, including a wellbeing program, academic coaching, careers and pathways support, and much more. Lessons are administered via an integrated technology platform that combines interactive video calling via Microsoft Teams, self-paced learning through Canvas, our central learning environment and a student notebook that teachers can mark in real time via Microsoft One Note.

Haileybury is one of Australia’s most enterprising schools. Students at our campuses have launched experiments at the International Space Station and our campuses have won awards for ‘School of the Year’, ‘Best Wellbeing Program’ and ‘Best Remote Learning Program’. Haileybury Pangea offers the same high standard of education that Haileybury is known for, with added flexibility for students who need it.