There is no better way to learn more about Haileybury Pangea than attending one of our virtual information sessions.

There are two regularly held events, please click on the event you are interested in learning more about and wishing to book.

Virtual information session

Please complete the expression of interest form to be the first to know about our next virtual information session.

These sessions will cover the following topics:

  1. Why has Haileybury created Victoria’s first private online school? 
  2. What Haileybury Pangea will offer – full-time program, VCE single subjects, and other options 
  3. What type of student will thrive at Haileybury Pangea? 
  4. Understand a student learning experience 
  5. See a typical timetable for the full-time student 
  6. Understand the Australian Curriculum being offered 
  7. Understand how to select VCE single subjects 
  8. How Haileybury Pangea students will socialise and engage with each other  
  9. How the parent community will engage and socialise 
  10. How to enrol – process, fees, testing 

There will also be time at the end to ask the Haileybury Pangea team any questions you may have.

Please note, this form is not a booking confirmation and we will contact you when dates are available.

Online classroom experience

Keen to see how a Haileybury Pangea online class runs?

We invite you to attend our next online classroom experience where you will see firsthand how a classroom looks, sounds and feels.

This information session will run for approximately 45 minutes and covers the following topics:

  1. What online platform Haileybury Pangea will use
  2. How a lesson will be executed
  3. How a teacher will run a class
  4. How a student will interact with the teacher and other students – raise hand, answer questions, undertake work and other typical classroom activities

It’s the perfect way to experience our online classrooms and ask all the questions you might have!

Attend our next online classroom experience which is being held on Thursday, 13 October at 7.00 pm.