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Virtual information session

There is no better way to learn more about Haileybury Pangea than by attending one of our virtual information sessions.

Please complete the form below to attend our next virtual information session on Monday, 15 May at 7.00 pm.

These sessions will cover the following topics:

  1. Why has Haileybury created an online school?
  2. What Haileybury Pangea will offer
  3. What type of student will thrive at Haileybury Pangea?
  4. Understand a student learning experience
  5. See a typical timetable for the full-time student
  6. Understand the Australian Curriculum being offered
  7. How Haileybury Pangea students will socialise and engage with each other
  8. How the parent community will engage and socialise
  9. How to enrol – process, fees, testing

There will also be time at the end to ask the Haileybury Pangea team any questions you may have.