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What kinds of students thrive through online learning?

NEWS 25 Feb 2023
“If you want to teach people a new way of thinking, don’t bother trying to teach them. Instead, give them a tool, the use of which will lead to new ways of thinking.”
R. Buckminster Fuller, architect, inventor and global thinker
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Beyond a one size fits all learning approach

“While online learning isn’t the right choice for every child — it is a better fit for some children and for young people whose lifestyle and commitments don’t fit the 8.30 am to 3.45 pm school routine,” says Joanna Baker, Head of Haileybury Pangea.

“For talented young athletes and those who excel in the performing arts, hours of training can be difficult to fit around a traditional school timetable. Online learning offers those students a bespoke timetable that recognises their other commitments but ensures they complete their education.”

For students living in rural and regional areas, online schooling is a convenient alternative to boarding school for them and their families. It allows young people to remain at home and within their communities.

Self-motivated and independent

Online learning suits students who are self-motivated learners and who enjoy setting the pace of their learning and deep diving into subjects that inspire them. Rather than their school day being micro-managed and restricted by a traditional timetable, they like to plan much of their school day.

They embrace the opportunities that arise in small online classes and through being connected with young people who are also motivated learners. They are equally happy and dedicated working solo or in smaller teams. Along the way, these students learn vital life skills such as time management, finding balance in their day, and being accountable for getting work done on time.


“Technology brings flexibility and allows teachers to personalise their teaching, meet student needs and build relationships with their students,” says Joanna.

“The capacity to have course content visible and accessible online allows teachers to focus on the students in front of them, where they are at in their learning, and to target their instruction. The Haileybury Pangea model facilitates strong teacher and student relationships that we know are critical to success.”

Finding confidence and a voice

Online learning also supports students who, for different reasons, feel less comfortable in a bricks and mortar classroom. Students with less confidence who may blend into the background in a traditional classroom may find their voice and build their confidence in an online setting.

Finally, online schools can offer subjects that smaller schools can’t. At Haileybury Pangea, students can continue their education at their current school and supplement that learning by completing a single VCE subject online.

So, if a school doesn’t offer Latin or Algorithmics and a student wants to learn a classical language or the basics of one of the oldest fields of computer science, online schooling may be the place where they can follow their passion…

Next month we will showcase some of our brilliant Haileybury Pangea teachers and the subjects they teach. Watch this space to learn from our teachers about our full school or single subject options.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of students thrive with online learning?

What kinds of students thrive with online learning?

Students who are self motivated passionate learners who are looking for an alternative to the traditional school timetabling.