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Algorithmics 3&4 *subject to availability

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Tue Nguyen Algorithmics 34
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Algorithmics provides students with the opportunity to analyse and develop computational solutions to solve real world problems in the domain of science, maths, business and technology. Students learn and apply core algorithms that power the technologies of the modern age, including self-driving cars, facial recognition, financial analysis, artificial intelligence and internet search engines. These skills prepare students in further studies within the science, mathematics and computing domains.

  • Apply Apply for 2024
  • Enquire For 2025 and beyond
  • Duration 2 Semesters
  • Hours per week Live lessons are 2 periods per week and self-paced is 4-6 hours
  • Fees View fees
  • Department Subject to required prior knowledge being demonstrated and VCAA requirements

Unit focus areas

Algorithmics Unit 3 - Algorithmic problem solving

Algorithmics Unit 4 - Principles of algorithmics

*subject to availability


Students are expected to be currently enrolled in or have successfully completed Mathematical Methods Units 1 and 2. It is preferred that students have successfully completed Applied Computing Units 1 and 2, and have significant programming experience with Python. Students who are relatively inexperienced or are still developing in their programming and algorithmic thinking skills should study Software Development Units 3 and 4 before studying Algorithmics. Being a HESS subject, Algorithmics enables students who have completed it to be eligible for exemptions from some Computer Science subjects offered at selected Universities. Additionally, it is countable as a top-four ATAR subject.


For Units 3 and 4, students complete School-Assessed Tasks (40%) subject to external moderation, and an end-of-year examination (60%).

Enrolments and assessments

Some important information regarding enrolments and assessments.

Using the Victorian Assessment Software System (VASS), a student is enroled in each of their subjects with both (a) a home school and (b) an assessing school. For more information about enrolments and assessments and what needs to be completed please click the button below to read further information

Integrating technology for learning

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