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Australian History 3&4 *subject to availability

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Bill Lewis Australian History 34
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Australian History is an exciting opportunity for students to engage with the history of their nation through new perspectives and understandings. They will dive deeply into two investigations that allow them to explore some of the key themes and topics that have shaped the world they in today and develop their critical thinking and research skills. Students will consider the history of the continent from Deep Time, analysing the ways in which First Nations Australians used and shaped the land prior to colonisation and then evaluate the ongoing impacts of colonisation and European values on the environment up to the 21st century. They will also investigate the ways in which power has been exercised and movements that have resisted it and pressed for change.

Unit focus areas

Australian History Unit 3 – From custodianship to the Anthropocene 60,000 BCE – 2010 CE

Australian History Unit 4 - Power & resistance 1788 CE – 1998 CE

*subject to availability


Students undertaking Units 3 and 4 Australian History need to have completed Units 1 and 2 Modern History.


For Units 3 and 4, students complete School-Assessed Coursework (50%) subject to external moderation, and a written examination (50%).

Enrolments and assessments

Some important information regarding enrolments and assessments.

Using the Victorian Assessment Software System (VASS), a student is enroled in each of their subjects with both (a) a home school and (b) an assessing school. For more information about enrolments and assessments and what needs to be completed please click the button below to read further information

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