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Flexible learning

Our online campus is purpose-designed and structured for flexibility in learning. Each and every student can connect directly with their teachers and peers, join clubs, form friendships and feel supported in their academic studies in a way that suits their wider activities.

Student wellbeing

Every student matters every day. We want each student to thrive in their studies and feel connected. Our approach to wellbeing focuses on empowering students with skills and knowledge to manage their physical and emotional wellbeing.

Academic success

Haileybury Pangea is a leading online school because of a proven combination of factors that deliver more than the sum of their parts: innovative teaching methods, brilliant teachers, an outstanding curriculum, a strong academic focus and a comprehensive understanding of education that stretches back to 1892.

World-class VCE curriculum

Haileybury Pangea has a broad range of VCE subjects on offer which can be studied as part of a full school offering or as single subjects to enhance your learning journey. Students have a wide and appealing choice from English, Mathematics and the Sciences, to Commerce, Computing, Languages, Music and the Arts.

High performing athletes

The demands of training, travelling and competing can be tough — but it is possible to excel in your studies alongside your sporting career as well.

Brilliant teachers

Our brilliant teachers are chosen for their qualifications and experience in education, their ability to nurture successful learning in an online environment and their capability to form positive relationships with students keen to expand their learning horizons.