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Music 1&2 *subject to availability

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Rod Marshell Music
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Music develops intellectual, aesthetic and cultural understanding through the practical development of instrumental ability and exploring the organisation of sound (composition). Students develop skills in preparing programs of music as a member of a group, or as a soloist. This study is suited to students who have an interest in contemporary, classical, orchestral or voice repertoire. The subject also provides significant opportunity for those primarily interested in composition.

Students enrolled in this study are expected to take Instrumental music lessons. Lessons are 45 minutes in length and occur on a weekly basis through the school term. Lessons are delivered by specialist instrumental tutors. Instrumental music lessons are provided at an additional cost to the Unit enrolment fee.

Unit focus areas

Music Units 1 and 2 – Music performance and preparing for performance and music language

*subject to availability


It is assumed students have some instrumental experience and that weekly lessons will be taken throughout the study.


Students complete a range of outcomes and classwork as part of Units 1 and 2. A solo performance, group performance, organisation of sound (composition) and aural comprehension examination are undertaken at the end of each unit.

Enrolments and assessments

Some important information regarding enrolments and assessments.

Using the Victorian Assessment Software System (VASS), a student is enroled in each of their subjects with both (a) a home school and (b) an assessing school. For more information about enrolments and assessments and what needs to be completed please click the button below to read further information

Integrating technology for learning

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